Empathic Leadership, Open Approach

As Moderator I …

  1. Help to program your event by
    • together with you getting the goals of an event crystal clear
    • assisting in formulating central questions and themes
    • advising on how to best reach the right audiences
    • thinking along on how to prepare all participants
  2. Work with you on the format by
    • advising on discussion-formats that support the goals best
    • communicating with speakers or debaters to prepare them for their role
    • helping with choosing right spatial and technical settings
    • training supporting (table)moderators and facilitators
  3. Moderate your event by
    • studying backgrounds and work-out moderation structure
    • doing final checks at the venue and being present one hour before
    • leading the event, with a focus on the objectives and interaction
    • working towards joint conclusions and advising on follow-up

As an Expert in Participation & Democracy I …

  • advise on how to strengthen (local) democracies by better participation
  • lead long term and inclusive participatory processes
  • help to connect citizens, politicians, civil servants, NGO’s and others
  • assist in linking representatieve and participatory democracy
  • develop and organise randomly selected Citizens’ Assemblies

As a Trainer and Coach I …

  • help people to improve their own moderation skills
  • offer courses for beginners and more advanced moderators
  • learn people how to program and format (public) conversations
  • train and coach moderators and facilitators individually