Talking is sliver,
being heard is golden

“It is my mission to build more open and just societies – one conversation at the time.”

I am a professional moderator, specialised in leading public discussions, participatory process and political debates. I advise governments on how to strengthen democracy by in-depth citizens’ engagement, and I run a training program for moderators and facilitators.

Introduction of my work and my ideas on moderation

“It was a pleasure to work with Bart. He was very sensitive towards the participants and gave them a feeling of being truely listened to.

He was accurate and precise, with a great eye for detail. Bart was tenacious but also very flexible.

He provided a clear structure for all the discussions. We strongly recommend working with him.”

Theo Cuijpers, Water Authority Rotterdam

My Areas of Expertise


  • I lead public discussions, dialogues, conferences, round tables and election debates.
  • As a Moderator I empower participants to raise their most important issues.
  • To make progress, we need all the perspectives in the room.


  • I help people to improve their own moderation and facilitation skills.
  • Since 2011 I coordinate a training program for starting and experienced moderators.
  • I also train and coach people individually and in-company.


  • I design and lead participation processes, small and large scale.
  • I advises governments, NGOs and companies on citizens’ participation and co-creation.
  • Connecting peoples voices with political decision making is crucial for democracies to thrive.